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Cet appareil étanche haut de gamme est conçu pour résister à l’immersion jusqu’à 20 mètres de profondeur, aux chocs tels qu’une chute de 2,1 mètres de hauteur, et au froid jusqu’à des températures de -10°C. Équipé d’un capteur d’image CMOS rétro-éclairé ultra-moderne d’environ 20 mégapixels effectifs et d’un moteur de traitement d’image très performant, il fournit des photos en ultra-haute-définition et des vidéos en définition 4K. Il intègre également des fonctions pratiques pour la prise de vue en extérieur, comme un module GPS capable d’enregistrer les données géographiques et un historique des positions sur les images capturées, ou encore une boussole électronique pour simplifier l’utilisation sur le terrain. Situé autour de l’objectif, un système d’éclairage annulaire multifonction composé de six lampes fournit une illumination puissante et uniforme du sujet. Grâce à différents motifs d’allumage, ce système permet également un meilleur rendu du relief du sujet.

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Extreme all-weather gear: a rugged chassis that can be relied on in the harshest conditions.

Approximately 20 effective megapixel for sharp, high-resolution, low-noise images with a wide dynamic range.
Camera body of tough aluminum-panel chassis equipped with high-precision GPS, a powerful LED Ring Light, and electronic gimbal stabilization.
Venture into the wild with an all-weather compact camera equal to any and all conditions.

Shockproof 2.1m

Freezeproof -10°C

Waterproof 20m

Crushproof 100kgf

20 effective megapixel for sharp, high-resolution images. 4K video support.

A high-resolution, high-sensitivity, back-iluminated CMOS image sensor and high-performance image-processing engine combine for low-noise, high-quality images. The lens, which features 5x optical zoom and a focal length of about 28 mm (equivalent in 35 mm format) when zoomed all the way out, is suitable for a wide variety of subjects. The camera also supports 4K for movies with four times the resolution of Full HD.

Get up to ten times more light * with a Ring Light function for macro photography or movie recording in poorly-lit locations.

The brightness of the six LEDs around the lens can be adjusted to light the entire subject, or some can be turned off to add depth to close-ups taken in macro mode.

Leave your gloves on: improved operability

The shooting mode can now be selected with the mode dial, while the spacious layout of buttons on the back of the camera and the vertically-oriented zoom button make the camera easier to use.

All-weather chassis

With features that include uncompromising waterproofing—good for two continuous hours of use at a depth of 20 m— shockproofing capable of withstanding drops of 2.1 m, freezeproofing * that ensures operation at temperatures of −10 °C, and crushproofing capable of withstanding forces of 100 kgf (kilogram force), this rugged camera can be used in all conditions.

*Battery capacity drops with ambient temperature, reducing the number of pictures that can be taken on a single charge.

• Waterproof : IPX8, JIS Class 8 • Dustproof : IP6X, JIS Class 6 • Shockproof : Able to withstand drops of 2.1 m, onto a 5 cm thick surface using MIL-Standard 810F Method 516.5–Shock adapted to in-house standards • Crushproof : Tested according to in-house standards

Dedicated Underwater mode.

White balance is optimized to suppress blue tints for underwater photos with natural-looking colors. Underwater Movie mode also applies this effect while filming high-resolution 4K movies.

Slide bar to compare
(Left: Underwater mode Right: Program mode)

Flash Off/Flash On, taking two pictures with single release

In this mode, the camera takes two pictures with a single press of the shutter button one with the flash off and the other with it on. Because there is no flash with the first picture to startle the fish, you can be sure that both the shot with the flash and the one without will turn out well.


* Available in Underwater mode.

Video Samples

Easy to use with
gloves on;
improved overall

Designed for ease of use in the field, the WG-6 features a rugged aluminum-panel chassis, simple mode selection that requires only rotating the mode dial, and an easy-to-operate vertically-oriented zoom button. The spacious layout of the controls on the back of the camera lets you use them without removing your gloves. In addition, previously-saved exposure settings and the like can be quickly recalled by selecting ADJ. mode with the Movie/ADJ. button.

Faster and easier to use design.

The new ADJ. button can be customized to quickly change and recall settings for faster operation when taking photos, you can change and recall settings for exposure compensation, image size, aspect ratio, ISO sensitivity, and white balance. Shooting mode, exposure compensation, and other settings can also be saved as "User Mode 1" (U1) or "User Mode 2" (U2) to be recalled quickly and easily, simply by rotating the mode dial.

Outdoor View

The brightness of the LCD monitor can readily be
adapted dealing with changes in ambient lighting
conditions for ease of viewing and an improved
shooting experience. Brightness can be increased
by up to two steps to makedark areas of the display
easier to see in sunlight, or lowered by up two steps
to reduce glare for night photography.

            The monitor in sunny conditions

            Slide the bar to compare
            Left: Outdoor view +2 Right: Normal display
            *Image is concept art


High-performance GPS and an electronic compass.

Use GPS to record the current location with the image data whenever a picture is taken. In addition to GPS, the WG-6 also supports GLONASS and the Japanese Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS, also known as Michibiki). In addition, a satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS) is used for more reliable positioning with greater accuracy and reduced error. The data recorded with photographs can be used to view their location on a map or display your route on a computer, further enhancing the post-photography experience. Location data, the heading provided by the electronic compass, or the time (UTC) can also be imprinted on pictures in their lower right corners.


FlashAir Functionality Improvement

Use FlashAir * wireless-enabled SD memory cards to instantly transfer images to your smartphone or other devices on the spot. Wireless LAN can now be turned on and off from the camera, reducing the drain on the battery.

*Toshiba SD-UWA series W04 FlashAirTM SDHC/SDXC memory cards (available separately from third-party suppliers; for information on using FlashAir cards, see the FlashAir manual).


20 effective megapixels, low noise, and a wide dynamic range combine for sharp, highly-resolved pictures.

With approximately 20 effective megapixels, images can be cropped with no apparent drop in resolution. The exceptional quantum efficiency of the back-illumated CMOS image sensor and the high-quality image-processing engine combine for low-noise, high-quality images. The camera also features a lens with 5x optical zoom and a focal lenght of about 28 mm (35 mm equivalent) at the widest angle, suitable for a wide range of subjects.

Shoot highly-realistic 4K movies while keeping shake to a minimum with the camera's powerful shake reduction feature.

Record scenes exactly as they appear to the naked eye in beautiful, highly-realistic 4K (frame size 3840 x 2160 pixels). In addition to a Movie SR mode for normal shake reduction, for HD *1 and Full D recording the camera now features a new Movie SR+ mode that produces natural footage with so little shake and distortion which seems to be a built-in gimbal stabilizer is equipped. *2,3

*1. Movie SR+ is available during HD recording only at a frame rate of 30 fps.
*2. A "gimbal" is a rotating grip used to keep the camera level and reduce shake during movie recording.
*3. Movie filmed in Movie SR+ mode have an angle of view about 40%.


Simple movie editing within camera

The movie editing features can be used within camera to create cut-out still images from selected frames or divide footage into individual clips. Movies can even be viewed on a television or other display connected to the camera via Type D HDMI connector.

Fully-featured shooting modes.
A variable-brightness Ring Light, perfect for movie recording and macro photography.

The lens is surrounded by six variable-brightness, indidually-controlled LEDs that can be used in a host of various ways sush as iluminate the entire subject, eliminating shadows, or directed to add depth by deepening shadows during macro photography. Up to ten times brighter than the RICOH WG-60's Macro Light, the Ring Light can also be used to illuminate the subject when lighting is poor.


2 Top LEDs only

3 Left LEDs only

Possible to use LEDs
as subsidiary light for
movie recording.

An easy-to-use Digital Microscope mode.

The WG-6's Digital Microscope mode makes it easy take impressive macro photographs that capture details that cannot be resolved by the naked eye. The six-LED Ring Light helps prevent blur by allowing faster shutter speeds.

Note: Image size is fixed at 3M 4:3

Capture an area 3.75 mm x 2.81 mm full frame (maximum magnification)

Selection of 18 scene modes.

Just choose the appropriate option from the camera's selection of 18 scene modes and let the camera adjust aperture, shutter speed, and other settings to suit the subject.


Take advantage of Image Tone options first popularized on PENTAX SLR cameras.

Chooe from five Image Tone options, including vibrant for colors that are intense, bright, and vivis, and Slide Film for pictures with rich contrast resembling those produced by reversal film.


Handheld Night Snap

Night Scene


Underwater Mode




Digital SR

Interval Shooting

Interval Movie

High Speed Movie

Surf & Snow





DOF Composite

And a host of other useful features

Using the camera' selection of 12 digital filters (B&W/Sepia, Toy Camera, Retro, Color, Extract Color, Color Emphasis, High Contrast, Starburst, Soft,
Fish-eye, Miniature, and Brightness), adjust colors or apply special effects to style existing photos for maximum impact.


      Extract Color

      High Contrast

Automatically capture smiling faces with Smile Capture!

The camera detects portrait subjects and automatically releases the shutter when it spots the subject smiling.
The camera also detects when the subject is blinking and displays the message, “Closed eyes have been detected” (Blink Detection).

Compress the time with Interval Movie!

Create time-lapse movies from still images taken automatically at preset intervals.
Choose from intervals of 1, 5, 10, 30, or 60 minutes.

Note: The camera does not save the individual still images separately.

Self-portrait Assist

When the camera detects the face of a portrait subject, the macro LEDs
around the lens will light to show your location in the frame. The Smile
Capture feature can also be activated during selfies.

Put copyright information directly on your photos.

Photo credits can now be directly imprinted on photos in the form of watermarks. Credits can be up to 32 characters long and include letters, numbers, and punctuation; you can also choose their location as well as the font size and color.

A camera at home on construction sites.

The WG-6 feature a tough chassis and enhanced crushproofing and an easy-to-use design that lets you shoot without taking off your gloves. The powerful Ring Light can be used for photos of poorly-lit worksites or for close-ups showing cracks in concrete, rebar identification markings, and other fine details.

Other Features

Face detection AF & AE for up to 30 subjects/Auto Tracking AF/AF assist light/Continuous shooting/Burst shooting/M-Cont/S-Cont/Auto bracketing/D-Range (dynamic range) options/Self-timer/Ink Rubbing filter/Support for remote control (remote control available separately).

Articles associés

Spécifications du produit

Article n°03842 (Noir), 03852 (Orange)

Appareil photo numérique compact résistant à l'eau, à la poussière, au sable, aux chocs, au froid et à la pression pour les films et les photos



Taille du capteur


Définition effective

Approx. 20 mégapixels


Taille : L(20M), M(10), S(5M), XS(3M), 2M, 1M, VGA

  • 2M et 1M ne sont disponible qu’en mode CALS.
  • Proportions : 4:3, 3:2, 1:1
  • En mode CALS, les proportions sont fixées à 4:3.
  • 4K, 1920, 1280

AUTO, Manuel (125 – 6400 ISO) 


Réduction du bruit: appliquée automatiquement lorsque la vitesse d'obturation est inférieure à 0,25 sec

Système de stabilisation


  • Pixel Track SR
  • Mode stabilisation haute sensibilité (SR numérique)



  • Mode de réduction des vibrations vidéo (Movie SR、Movie SR+)
Plage de focales

5 – 25 mm (approx. 28 – 140 mm)

Zoom numérique

Zoom numérique : approx. 8.1X

Zoom intelligent : approx. 7.5X en 10M, approx. 40.5X en 640 (zoom optique compris)


Objectif zoom RICOH, 11 éléments en 9 groupes (5 éléments asphériques)

Diamètre du filtre

46 mm avec support macro



Système de mise au point automatique avec détection de contraste TTL


Infinity-landscape, Pan Focus, Manual Focus: disponible

AF 9 points, AF Spot, AF suivi automatique

Focus Range (automatic)

Standard : 0,5 m -  infini / 1,64 ft -  infini (sur toute la plage de zoom)

Macro : 0,1 -  0,6 m / 0,33 – 1,97 ft (sur toute la plage de zoom)

Macro 1 cm : 0,01 – 0,3 m / 0,03 – 0,98 ft (position intermédiaire du zoom)

Paysage-Infini, Tout Net, Mise au point manuelle : disponibles

Focus Range (manual)

0,01 m - infini (Dépend du zoom. 0,01m est uniquement disponible par zoom 2 - 4.)

Assistance AF

Lampe d'assistance AF disponible


LCD 3,0" large,  approx. 1040K points, Revêtement anti-reflets (surface uniquement)


approx. 1040K points

Mode Lecture

Diaporama, Rotation d’image, Filtre réduction du visage, Filtre empreinte, Filtres numériques (N&B/Sépia, Photos créatives, Rétro, Couleur, Extraire couleur, Accentuation couleur, Contraste élevé, Scintillement, Doux, Fish-eye, Brillance, Miniature), Filtre HDR, Montage vidéo, Retouche des yeux rouges, Redimensionnement, Recadrage, Copie d’image, Protection, Écran de démarrage, Récupérer un fichier, Rotation d’image automatique


1/4000 – 1/4 sec. (Obturateur mécanique et électronique)

4 sec. maximum (mode Nocturne)


Mesure multizone, Pondérée centrale, Spot


Modes scènes :

  • Auto Picture, Programme, HDR, Nocturne à main levée, Vidéo, Vidéo haute vitesse, Microscope électronique, Paysage, Fleur, Portrait, Sous-marin, Film sous-marin, Intervallomètre, Mer&Neige, Enfants, Animaux domestiques, Sport, Nocturne, Feux d’artifice, Digital SR (anti-bougé), Documents, Vert, Profondeur de champ composite


Modes de scène d'image automatique :

  • Paysage, Portrait, Scène de nuit, Portrait de scène de nuit, Standard, Fleur, Sport, À la chandelle, Ciel bleu, Coucher de soleil, Texte, Photo de groupe, Animal de compagnie, Portrait x Ciel bleu, Portrait x Coucher de soleil, Portrait x Contre-jour

Détection des visages :

  • AF et mesure d’exposition à détection des visages disponibles pour tous les modes, jusqu’à 30 visages. Détection des sourires, Assistance autoportrait, Assistance autoportait + Détection des sourires, Détection des yeux fermés

Détection des animaux :       

  • Détecte jusqu’à 1 animal domestique (auto)

± 2 IL (incréments de 1/3 IL)

Modes de prises de vue

Modes de conduite:

  • One shot, Retardateur, Prise de vue en continu, Rafale, M Rafale, S Rafale, Télécommande, Bracketing automatique

Le temps de démarrage:

  • environ. 1 seconde

Temps de sortie:

  • environ. 0.003 sec

Tir continu:

  • environ. 3 images / seconde

Max. nombre d'images en prise de vue continue:

  • 30 (dépend du sujet)
Détection des visages

AF et mesure d’exposition à détection des visages disponibles pour tous les modes, jusqu’à 30 visages.

Détection des sourires, Assistance autoportrait, Assistance autoportait + Détection des sourires, Détection des yeux fermés

Balance des blancs

Auto, Lumière du jour, Ombre, Nuageux, Tungstène, Lumière fluorescente (D : Couleur du jour, N : Blanc diurne, W : Lumière blanche), Flash annulaire, Manuel


Modes avec et sans flash. Fonction de correction des yeux rouges par pré-éclair.

Portée du Flash

Grand-angle : approx. 0,2 – 5,5 m / 0,66 - 18 ft. (ISO Auto)

Téléobjectif : approx. 0,2 – 3,5 m / 0,66 - 11 ft. (ISO Auto)

Mémoire interne

Mémoire intégrée env. 27Mo

Compatible cartes

Carte mémoire SD / SDHC / SDXC, carte FlashAir ™

Format de fichier

Photo :

  • JPEG (conforme à Exif 2.3), conforme à DCF2.0, PRINT Image Matching III

Film :

  • MPEG: 4 AVC / H.264


  • Film sous-marin: 32KHz, 16bit, monaural
  • Étanche (jusqu'à 20 m) pour 2 heures
  • Résistance aux chocs (jusqu'à 2,1 m (5,2 pi))
  • Température de fonctionnement -10 à 40
  • Compatible FlashAir
  • Anneau de lumière
  • Paramètre utilisateur (U1 / U2)
  • Réglage ADJ
  • Modification de la fonction de nom de dossier prise en charge
  • Port HDMI Type D (Micro)
  • Télécommande compatible
  • Cadre de vue extérieur
  • Todays Shots Counter
  • Niveleur électronique
  • Informations sur le droit d'auteur
  • Mode écologique
  • Support de conversion
  • Mode d'affichage GPS: LAT / LON, UTM, MGRS
  • Journal GPS, verrouillage GPS, réglage de l'heure GPS, impression des données GPS, impression des données UTC
  • Boussole électronique
  • Entête Compas: Cardinal, Degrés, Déclinaison Cardinal / Degrés, Empreinte de données Compas


Anglais, français, Allemagne, espagnol, portugais, italien, néerlandais, japonais, danois, suédois, finnois, polonais, tchèque, hongrois, Turquie, grec, russe, thaï, coréen, chinois simplifié, chinois traditionnel

Contenu du kit


CABLE USB I-USB173 #30275
Adaptateur secteur USB AC-U2 #L7628004

Caractéristiques principales:AC-U2

Tension d’entrée

AC 100-240 V

Fréquence du CA d’entrée

50-60 Hz

Tension de sortie

DC 5,0 V

Courant de sortie

1000 mA

Puissance de sortie

5,0 W

Rendement moyen en mode actif

76,8 %

Consommation électrique hors charge

50 mW

Plage de température


Dimensions extérieures

(hors protubérances)

Environ 42,5 × 22 ×

66,5 mm


(hors prise d'alimentation)

Environ 40 g












219g (sans batterie ni carte mémoire)

246g (chargé et prêt)

  • Batterie lithium-ion DB-110 rechargeable
  • Kit adaptateur secteur optionnel

Photo*: env. 340 coups (batterie lithium-ion rechargeable)

Lecture **: env. 260 min. (Batterie lithium-ion rechargeable)

* La capacité d'enregistrement indique le nombre approximatif de prises de vues enregistrées lors des tests conformes à CIPA. Les performances réelles peuvent varier en fonction des conditions d'utilisation.

** Selon les résultats des tests effectués en interne par RICOH IMAGING.

Filtres numériques

N&B/Sépia, Photos créatives, Rétro, Couleur, Extraire couleur, Accentuation couleur, Contraste élevé, Scintillement, Doux, Fish-eye, Brillance, Miniature


Fonctions de lecture:

One Shot, Index (6 vignettes, 12 vignettes), agrandissement (jusqu'à 10X, défilement disponible), lecture de séquences vidéo, lecture de sons, histogramme, affichage des dossiers, sélection et suppression, calendrier.

Modes de lecture:

Diaporama, Rotation de l'image, Filtre de petit visage, Filtre de frottement de l'encre, Collage, Image d'origine, Édition de film, Édition des yeux rouges, Redimensionnement, Recadrage, Copie d'image, Protéger, Écran de démarrage



1920 (1920x1080): env. 30fps, 1280 (1280x720): env. 60 / 30fps


Save as still image, Divide Movies, Adding title picture

Sur PC

PC: Windows 7, 8.1 and 10

Sur Mac

Mac OS X 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12


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