399,00 €

The "RICOH THETA V" is a product with a body based on the concept of being compact, lightweight and easy to carry around anywhere.

Furthermore, it achieves high-speed transfer that can comfortably browse large volumes of data, high sound quality, recording compatible with 360° spatial audio, and shoot equivalent 360-degree 4K video. The camera can also connect to a smartphone or tablet using either Bluetooth or Wireless LAN to allow for flexible operation based on how the camera owner uses it. In addition, this product has a highly expandable body design so that it can receive future performance enhancements through firmware updates after it has launched, which results in a fitting high-end model camera.

Main features:

- Hoge-resolutiecamera voor 360° panoramafoto's en video-opnames in 4K -
- ultrasnelle dataoverdracht -
- 360° live streaming in 4K -
- 360° ruimtelijke geluidsopname -
- Bluetooth en wireless LAN-verbinding -
- 19 GB -
- "Remote Playback" om 360°-beelden weer te geven op een groot scherm -
- Extra functies verkrijgbaar via plug-ins -
- Waterproof behuizing die waterbestendig is tot 30 m diepte (overeenkomstig de JIS klasse 8) voor 360°-onderwateropnames 

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