GR Cities

It's been challenging and unprecedented times for over a year now. Whilst travel may be difficult, many people are continuing to enjoy photography according to their government regulations. We want to bring people together with the philosophy of shooting every day. This is why we have launched GR Cities on Instagram. 

Add your city

We will gather images from different cities around the world. We would love to see your images and also share them on our @ricoh_gr_photography IG page. Simply add your city hashtag. Here are a few examples so you know what format to follow:


We can't wait to see your images!

Looking ahead 

Once many images have been gathered under the hashtag, it will be really easy to find out about other GR shooters in your area. It's not only an opportunity to learn about the best shooting locations, but to also share tips and tricks about how to get the most out of photography and to find your own unique style. 

Meet the RICOH team

We were originally planning on holding events a lot earlier, but then lockdown happened. This is why we decided to focus on creating YouTube content, but even this was a challenge! We are looking at your images every day to share on our Instagram page, and once the circumstances allow we will of course be able to find GR photographers easily using the GR Cities hashtags and organise Photo walks and Meet Ups. 

We're looking forward to meeting you!