High Speed Charger for PENTAX Standard Rechargeable Battery D-LI90

With the new quick charger for the D-LI90, PENTAX offers two new options for convenient charging of the camera battery.

A reliable power supply when photographing is a basic principle of the PENTAX philosophy, it should be reliable and uncomplicated. With the use of the D-LI90, PENTAX offers a standard battery for the professional housings of the system. Whether K-3 in APS format, K-1 in 35 mm format or 645 in medium format, all cameras use the same battery for power. And offer a very long operating time. And so the PENTAX K-3 Mark III, which will be released at the beginning of 2021, will also be equipped with it and supply energy for up to 800 pictures.

The new quick charge kit K-BC177 consists of a charging tray and a quick charge adapter. In this kit the stationary charging time by mains power is reduced to 2 to 2.5 hours (instead of 6.5 hours previously). Already 80% of the battery capacity is reached after just one hour, which is indicated by a status LED.

The D-BC177 charger is also available without a quick-charging adapter and can be charged on the move via USB-C cable. However, the charging time is extended without using the quick charge adapter.

RAPID BATTERY CHARGER KIT K-BC177E - € 129,99 / £129,99 / CHF 149,99

For short charging time of D-LI90
Available up from November 2020

USB BATTERY CHARGER D-BC177E - € 79,99 / £ 79,99 / CHF 89,99

USB Charging for D-LI90
Available up from November 2020