Potential Data Leak

The following notice is intended to inform users of our login area : https://mypentax.ricoh-imaging.eu/ 
A website dedicated to PENTAX and RICOH camera owners to share images with other users.

Due to a data leak at a service provider in the middle of 2019, there is a possibility that third parties may have gained unauthorized access to an outdated working copy of user data. The corresponding passwords were encrypted so that a potential unauthorized access by third parties was additionally prevented. Moreover, the data did not contain any reference to the website to which they were applicable.

At the present stage, we have no indications that indeed data were stolen. This message is purely designed to provide transparency of information.

All users should nevertheless be vigilant with regard to e-mails which are addressed to you personally and with a concrete reference to the login information used for our website and which request e.g. "resets", "account verifications" or similar. It is imperative that users do not respond to such requests. This applies in particular if you have used the same login files for different websites contrary to the usual security recommendations.

As a preventive measure, we generally recommend that you change your login data.

Please send any queries regarding this notice exclusively to the e-mail address info@eu.ricoh-imaging.com. Yours RICOH Imaging