Product Story of New APS-C “K-3 Mark III” Vol.7

The incomparable "click" sound when the camera is released is the epitome of photography for many photographers. This sound is now generated by a sound generator in many image recording devices and is often available in the device menu as a selection option in various forms.

For many photography enthusiasts, however, only the noise produced by the mirror and shutter is an indispensable part of their camera.

Since 1960, when PENTAX became the first Japanese SLR to incorporate the automatic quick-return mirror into SLR cameras with the ASAHI PENTAX SPOTMATIC, our product engineers have paid special attention to this component. Precision and accuracy are essential for exposure control. And so an unprecedented amount of effort was put into the PENTAX K-3 Mark III. Which is reflected not least in a frame rate of up to 12 fps.

More details on shutter control and mirror mechanics can be found in Part 7 of the PENTAX K-3 Mark III Product Story on the official japanese website...