Smart User Interface.

News about product design of upcomming APC-C Flagship modell

Everything under control...

Whether a product is liked or not is often decided in the first few seconds when you pick it up. So it is not unimportant whether a camera fits in the hand.
Shigeru Wakashiro, responsible for the planning and development of the new digital SLR cameras from PENTAX, writes about this in his latest article. Like the viewfinder, the user interface is an important factor in the creative process. Whether the camera fits into it depends on various factors. It must not be too small, but also not too large, and the controls must be easy to reach without cramping the hand.

The middle finger plays the most important role in holding on to the camera. Work on the optimum position until everything is right. Many fine adjustments are necessary until all controls are within reach, the fingers do not interfere with each other and smooth operation with maximum holding comfort. After a lot of manual work, further optimisation is carried out with the help of the computer to achieve the best grip,
Much attention is also paid to the resting place of the thumb. There must be no sharp edges and the thumb must also be able to reach all the controls that are intended for it.


The joystick on the back of the camera to select the focus fields is a brand new feature. This must also ensure convenient operation and prevent the thumb from slipping. The shape of the handle and the shape and position of the controls have been optimised by a trial-and-error process that also takes into account the physical differences of many users, such as the size of the hand and the length and thickness of the fingers. These components have been evaluated using strict standards that aim to achieve this,
our users can enjoy the shooting process to the fullest and can constantly focus on and interact closely with the subject while shooting, without any discomfort or distraction when operating the camera. We believe that our mission is to provide our users with cameras that are convenient, error-free and reliable.

This closer look to the development status of the new APS-C top model is given by responsible leading product developers, Shigeru Wakashiro, who has been involved in camera development at Pentax for more than 15 years.