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PENTAX K-1 Uprade Service FAQ

How do I request an upgrade for my K-1

Contact the Service Centre nearest you and ask them for details

Where do I take my K-1 for upgrade ?

Your local Service Centre

Where can I deliver my K-1 for upgrade ?

Your local Service Centre

What are the office hours for the upgrade reception desk ?

Please contact your local Service Centre for details

Do I need to make an appointment to receive my upgrade ?

Please contact your local Service Centre for details

What is the Service Centre lead time for an upgrade ?

Lead time is estimated at 10 working days. Please contact your local Service Centre for more details.

How much do I need to pay for my upgrade ?

The PENTAX K-1 upgrade service price is estimated at 500 EUR, £450 (incl VAT). Please contact your Service Centre for more details.

Is it a chargeable service to upgrade even if my K-1 is in the warranty period ?

Yes, the upgrade is a chargeable service

How do I pay for the upgrade?

Please contact your Service Centre for details

Can I stll have the upgrade if my K-1 is not working properly?

It is not possible to upgrade if your K-1 is not working. Please request your upgrade service together with a repair request for your K-1.

What will you charge if you find something wrong with my K-1?

We will inform you the status of your K-1 in advance. The repair charge will be added to the upgrade service charge following your approval.

I have a PENTAX K-1 Limited Silver. Can I upgrade it ?

Yes, there is no problem upgrading this product.

The RAW development in camera is not working following the upgrade of my K-1.

Your camera is now the new K-1 Mark II, following the upgrade. Therefore, the RAW images from the K-1 will no longer be compatible. Processing the RAW files can be done on your computer.

Can you downgrade to K-1 after upgrading to K-1 Mark II ?

No, we do not unfortunately offer a downgrade service

With regard to the upgrade service, are there any future plans to develop K-1 with the same features as the K-1 Mark II, with a firmware update ?

There are no plans for this.

When my K-1 upgrade has been completed, will all cameras settings be automatically reset?

No, but when your K-1 has adjusted the AF Fine Adjustment data, please confirm and re-adjust if necessary.

Will my camera be automatically under Warranty followng the upgrade?

Yes, the upgraded warranty period is 6 months (the same as the normal repair service)

Can I still have the camera upgrade on 30th September ?

Yes, this service will be be available on 30th September
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