Ricoh GR III – Partnership with Gobelins, famous French visual arts school

Meeting with the young generation of photographers …


To meet the new generation of young photographers and make  RICOH GR serie visible to a wider public, we decided to organize a partnership  with GOBELINS, one of the most renowned schools of visual arts in France.

GOBELINS, the school of the image, is today a reference establishment in the creation of the image (fixed, animated and interactive, from print to digital), from its conception to its production. It has built up a solid reputation over more than 50 years, particularly in the field of photography. At GOBELINS, you learn how to forge your own vision! In 3 years, the school trains photographers/videographers who have mastered shooting, printing, retouching, creation of 3D images, filming and video editing. 

In partnership with Fisheye magazine, we offer first year photography students a workshop with Ricoh GR III.

Because of the performances offered by the camera, its portability and its universe around street photography, meeting between the GR III and these future young talents seems to us to be promising. Between mid-October and end of November 2020, the students will have to create and imagine around the theme of "Close distance". They will be accompanied throughout their creation by Fabrice Laroche, teacher at Gobelins, GR photographer, and passionate about Street Photography. 


Would you also like to follow the work of the students and submit to competition to win a Ricoh GR III Street Edition (worth approx. €1,000 incl. VAT)! 

  1. Subscribe to our Ricoh GR accounts on our YouTube and  Instagram
  2. Watch the video introduction 
  3. Leave a comment on it and tell us why you would like to win a Ricoh GR III Street Edition. 

A draw will be held after the publication of the second video, scheduled for mid-January 2021. 


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