Latest update for the firmware of the PENTAX K-3 Mark III - Vers. 1.31, 07.12.21

RICOH IMAGING launched the new firmware for the PENTAX K-3 III (FIRMWARE UPDATE VERSION 1.31)

[Enhanced features]

  • Added [SATOBI] to Custom Image.

    The Custom Image “SATOBI” has been newly added to the camera.
    This Custom Image provides a finishing tone similar to color photos from the 60 and 70s with colors such as cyan blue, dull yellow, and faded red. The unique red expression is suitable for such as portrait photography.
  •  Added Tone curve display to Custom Image.

    A tone curve display has been added at the Custom Image parameter setting screen.
    Changing the value for the parameters “High/Low Key Adjustment”, “Contrast”, “Contrast (Highlight)”, and “Contrast (Shadow)” in detailed settings updates the tone curve based on the value set, which enables you to more intuitively adjust the parameters used to finish images.

  • Improved stability for general performance.

PENTAX K-3 Mark III:for Windows / Mac OSFirmware Version 1.31

*We recommend updating the firmware on your camera.


You can find more detailed information and a complete overview of available firmware and software updates on the Japanese RICOH IMAGING website: RICOH IMAGING Website ...