HD PENTAX-D FA 21mmF2.4ED Limited DC WR (Black) - Refurbished


Developed as the latest model of the PENTAX Limited series — renowned for their meticulous attention to every detail, from distinctive image rendition to distinctive appearance with the machined aluminum lens barrel — this ultra-wide-angle lens covers the image circle of 35mm full-frame digital SLR cameras. In the PENTAX Limited lineup, it is also the first D FA-series lens designed to optimize the visual characteristics of digital images. This is part of PENTAX’s attempt to reach a level of imaging performance that can’t be measured simply in numerical values. It captures the prevailing ambience and true-to-life sense of depth of the scene, and makes photography enjoyable for its users — essential elements of the PENTAX Limited series. The 21mm ultra-wide-angle focal length, not previously available in the FA Limited series, adds a new perspective of visual expression for the Limited series. Available in Black and Silver.

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