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To further enhance the essential values of a camera true to the GR-series concept of optimizing image quality, snapshot capabilities and portability, this latest GR-series model is equipped with a complete range of newly designed main components, including a lens, an image sensor and an imaging engine. Despite a compact body one size smaller than its predecessor, it incorporates a large APS-C-size CMOS image sensor with approximately 24.24 effective megapixels to produce high-resolution images, while its short start-up time of approximately 0.8 seconds allows for quick, responsive shooting. It also provides an assortment of new features, such as a high-speed hybrid AF system, an originally developed SR (Shake Reduction) mechanism, and touch-screen operation for intuitive control, to improve operability and functionality. After the product launch, the GR III is expected to be upgraded in the future via firmware updates to further enhance its functions and overall performance.

For improved interface with smartphones, the GR III also features dual wireless communication and a USB Type-C™ connector, making it the top-performing model of the GR series packed with the state-of-the-art functions needed to meet today’s photographic demands.

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The ultimate snapshot camera for the times.

While remaining true to its unchanging concept, the GR continues to evolve.

Superb image quality and portability for recording everything you see.

Speed that is ready to capture split-second photo opportunities.

Ease of use and reliability as a tool of creative expression.

The GR III is the new destination for such a search.

This model offers the very essence of recording instants in time as photos.

Experience the essence of the GR.

High Image Quality

The newly developed GR lens & Shake Reduction

This model is equipped with a new GR lens that surpasses all other GR lenses with its amazing optical performance. A six-element, four-group optical system is used to achieve images that are sharp from the center to the edge with clear depiction. The optical system is slim and compact so the body can accommodate an in-camera Shake Reduction mechanism. The effects of camera shake on image quality are minimized and the full capabilities of the newly designed GR lens optical performance are maximized for a variety of scenes.

24.2 M APS-C size image sensor

Approximately 24.24 effective megapixels deliver high image quality, and an anti-aliasing filterless construction delivers high-definition rendering even in the finest details.

Low noise, maximum ISO 102400

Original noise reduction processing results in high image quality even at high ISO sensitivity. 14-bit RAW recording is also supported for rich tonal reproduction.

The newly developed GR ENGINE 6

A newly developed imaging processor delivers further improvements in high image quality performance, elaborately detailed imaging across the entire sensitivity range, and superb color reproduction.

Quick Response

High-speed hybrid AF

Image plane phase-matching AF delivers high-speed AF and contrast-detection AF offers superb focusing precision. The best of these two types are combined to make a hybrid AF. The common issue of searching for focus peaks in contrast-detection AF has been significantly reduced on this model. The hybrid system delivers faster autofocus and greater precision.

Shake Reduction mechanism for 4 steps* of compensation

This model uses the sensor-shift type, Shake Reduction mechanism. It delivers compensation on three axes.
*Shutter speed conversion. CIPA standard.

Direct controls

The camera is equipped with an LCD monitor that supports touch operations and a convenient control dial. These features provide quick control over AF frame movement and menu access.


Made more compact to achieve the ultimate in snapshot cameras

The body size of this model is about the same as the GR DIGITAL IV (model with a 1/1.7 type image sensor) while delivering a completely new dimension of performance for the GR series. Controls are improved while maintaining the pursuit of portability, bringing us one step closer to the ultimate snapshooter.


Expanded functionality firmware for an ever-evolving GR III*

The GR III keeps evolving with the latest firmware updates. The expanded functionality firmware is provided to add new features and setting operations.

Flexible customization

Frequently used functions can be assigned to the ADJ lever and Fn button. Other controls can also be customized for fine tuning camera operation, making the camera easier to use and to match your shooting style.

Image Control & JPEG image adjustment

The GR III features many selections of advanced image creation functions. Image adjustment parameters have been redesigned to 10 Image Control options for shooting. During playback, image tones of JPEG can be adjusted and saved as a new file.


* More Information about Firmware updates, please find here ...

A new dimension in descriptive performance

High resolution and high contrast.
Introducing the sharp imaging of the newly developed GR lens

The GR lens with a new lens construction was developed for even better image quality. This lens uses a slim optical system with six elements in four groups while maintaining the 18.3 mm (35 mm format equivalent: 28 mm) focal length and brightness of F2.8. High-refractive index, low dispersion glass and aspherical high-precision molded glass lenses are optimally placed in the lens construction to suppress distortion and chromatic aberration to the absolute limit, delivering a high level of sharpness. This results in images that are sharp and clear across the entire frame even from the widest aperture setting.

1/125 sec., F2.8, ISO2000, EV -0.7, WB; Multi Auto White Balance

The detailed descriptive power of the 24.2 M large APS-C size image sensor

This model is equipped with a high-resolution, wide dynamic range APS-C size CMOS image sensor (approx. 24.24 effective megapixels). It has approximately 1.5 times the pixels of the GR II and an anti-aliasing filterless construction that utilizes the characteristics of the high-resolution lens for high-definition detail reproduction. Both the image sensor and lens are also optimized for the best possible image quality.

Advanced image processing and responsiveness.
Meet the new GR ENGINE 6

The imaging processor on this model is the new GR ENGINE 6. It elevates the essential high image quality performance of the GR for an even greater level of detail. Faster processing makes a high pixel count image sensor and multi-level gradation in 14-bit RAW possible. This also contributes to improved responsiveness and functionality for autofocus and movie.

Shooting at ISO 102400 is possible with our original signal processing technology

A high-performance processor "Accelerator Unit" has been adopted on this model as a powerful way to support high image quality. The signal output by the image sensor is sent to the image processor after being optimally handled.
This reduces noise, delivering superb resolution and color reproduction across the entire sensitivity range. It also makes it possible to shoot at ISO 102400.



1/125 sec., F2.8, ISO2000, EV -2, WB: Multi Auto White Balance

3-axis, 4-step Shake Reduction for high image quality across a wide shooting range

Camera shake is reduced for crisp images even when taking split-second snapshots. Shake Reduction is installed while making the body size of the GR III more compact than its predecessor model. It minimizes the shake on three axes, including yaw, pitch and raw. Compensation effects deliver as many as 4 steps of shutter speed*.

*CIPA standard.

AA filter simulator for reducing false colors and moiré thanks to Shake Reduction mechanism

The effects of the optical anti-aliasing (AA) filter are obtained with Shake Reduction. Moving the image sensor slightly during the exposure suppresses false colors and moiré. You can choose whether to prioritize resolution or reducing false colors and moiré depending on your subject. Choose [High] or [Low] for effect settings.

  Capture the moment

1/1250 sec., F5.6, ISO100, EV -1, WB: Daylight

A compact body and functional design packed with high performance

The GR III was developed with a focus on keeping the body size compact while including a high level of functionality. This model is one-size smaller than that of the GR II and about the same size of GR DIGITAL IV with a 1/1.7 type image sensor. A minimalist design was pursued to achieve a tool with portability and expression in mind. The button and dial layout is fully considered to allow for comfortable, single-handed operation.

Hybrid AF with the combination of image plane phase-matching and contrast-detection AF

The AF system is a hybrid of image plane phase-matching and contrast detection. The advantages of image plane phase-matching AF high-speed focusing and contrast-detection AF focusing precision are combined. The common contrast-detection AF issue of searching for focus peaks has been reduced for quick shooting performance required on a snapshot camera.

High-speed approx. 0.8 second start-up from when the power is turned on

A high output motor is used to drive the lens barrel so that it quickly moves from a retracted position to the shooting position. Also, optimized program processing during start-up reduces the start-up time. The built-in lens barrier also makes it unnecessary to remove the lens cap, so you will never miss a sudden photo opportunity.


1/125 sec., F2.8, ISO320, EV -3, WB: Daylight                                                                                      

Focus modes that fit versatile subjects and shooting styles

Eight focus modes are now available including the new Continuous AF for more versatile shooting styles. A new LCD monitor that supports touch operations has also been included for direct control over the AF frame using touch and slide gestures. You can also focus (Touch AF) and shoot while moving the AF frame for quick shooting in any type of composition.

Face detect autofocus to assist portrait shooting

The camera detects faces and focuses. This feature is enabled in [Auto Area AF], [Select AF], and [Pinpoint AF]. It is also possible to enable this feature in [Auto Area AF] only. With this setting, when you want to focus on a subject instead of faces, simply switch focus modes without turning face detect off.

With Full Press Snap, you'll never miss a shot.

When the shutter button is pressed fully, the camera releases the shutter at the preset distance. This high-speed shooting functionality is unique to the GR, eliminating the focusing time lag when pressing the shutter button halfway so that you can instantly capture split-second moments.

Touch panel and control dial that enables intuitive controls

The LCD monitor features a touch panel. Simply touch and slide to move the AF frame or access the menu. You can also pinch in and out during playback to change the magnification or flick to view the previous and next images. A control dial is also positioned around the four-way button. This layout makes it possible to quickly operate the camera with a simple action while maintaining a secure grip on the camera.

1/125 sec., F2.8, ISO250, EV 0.7, WB: Daylight

Capture the world as you imagine it

Image Control for pure image creation enjoyment

The conventional image settings and effects have been merged to create a new finish adjustment function. 10 different Image Control options form the base of this feature. Based on these, you can adjust parameters to create photos the way you like. This includes the saturation, hue, high/low key adjustment, contrast, contrast (highlight and shadow), sharpness, shading, clarity, toning, filter effect, grain effect*, and HDR tone level.

* Parameters that can be adjusted differ depending on the selected Image Control option.
*These parameters will be available via firmware update



Positive Film


Soft Monotone

Bleach Bypass

Hi Contrast B&W

Hard Monotone

HDR Tone

Shoot up to 6 cm with Macro mode                                                                                                        

Macro mode lets you focus with AF between 6 and 12 centimeters from the end of the lens. This delivers nearly the same 0.35x shooting magnification as when the GM-1 macro conversion lens is attached to the GR II without the need for an extra lens. Simply press the macro button to capture impressive close-up photos with rich bokeh effects

* Macro mode and normal mode must be switched manually.
* The camera switches to Macro mode when the focus is set to [Snap] or [∞].                                                                             

Capture star trails with the surrounding scenery even in the city with interval composite shooting

With this feature, the camera automatically shoots continuously for the set interval. You can select this feature from drive modes for instant shooting. The setting items have been reviewed and specialized for star trail shooting. Shooting time can be set in 10 minute intervals (up to 24 hours), you can choose from an unlimited shooting time, and you can save interim images and set the time

* Use a tripod. Note that slow shutter speed noise reduction and SR are turned off.
* The focus, exposure, and white balance are set on the first shot.

1/60 sec., F2.8, ISO100, EV -0.7, WB: Multi Auto White Balance

4 sec., F2.8, ISO200, EV 0.0, WB: Color Temperature

Expand expressive possibilities with 35mm/50mm Crop mode

With this feature, you can shoot at an angle of view equivalent to a focal length of 35 mm or 50 mm. The high resolution 24M image sensor makes it possible to record clear images up to 15M (35 mm) and 7M (50 mm). This mode gives you the opportunity to change the angle-of-view depending on the subject when shooting.                                                                                                                           

* The focal length is equivalent in 35mm format and the recorded pixels have an aspect ratio of 3:2.                                         

Capture dreamlike shots with multi-exposure

There is no longer a frame limit for compositing. Composited results can be viewed in a transparent display so you can check the composition while overlaying another frame. You can change the exposure parameter*, shoot, reshoot, and finish shooting for each shot to easily create exactly the type of photo you have in mind.

* Exposure compensation, ISO speed, aperture, and shutter speed can be adjusted based on the exposure mode set for the first frame. The white balance cannot be changed.

1/250 sec., F4.0, ISO100, EV -0.3, WB: Multi Auto White Balance

1/320 sec., F4.5, ISO400, EV 0.0, WB: Multi Auto White Balance

Built-in ND filter that can be turned on/off

This model is equipped with a built-in ND filter that provides two steps of exposure. Simply change the settings to defocus the background even in bright outdoor shots at the maximum aperture setting and express subject movement with a slow shutter speed for a rich variety of photographic expressions.


Highlight-weighted option added to full-featured metering modes

In addition to [Multi-segment], [Center-weighted], and [Spot], [Highlight-weighted] is now available as a metering method. [Highlight-weighted] helps keep the exposure even, suppressing highlight blowouts in subjects illuminated by spotlights and high-contrast subjects.

Shot with highlight-weighted metering.

1/4 sec., F5.6, ISO100, EV -0.3, WB: Multi Auto White Balance

1/2500 sec., F2.8, ISO100, EV -1.0, WB: Daylight

Enjoy image finishing in-camera RAW processing without using a PC

RAW format data can be processed on the camera and saved as a JPEG file. Tune the photo exactly the way you want using just the camera, adjusting the recorded pixels, aspect ratio, white balance, Image Control and sensitivity.


P-TTL auto sync flash for versatile lighting

An external flash can be used to shoot at full synchronization speed.
PENTAX P-TTL auto flash (optional) is supported for high-precision auto sync using a pre-flash*. This makes it possible to use bounce flash and daylight sync for a greater range of photographic expression.

* Supported flash units: auto flash AF540FGZ II, AF360FGZ II, AF540FGZ, AF360FGZ, AF201FG, AF200FG.

1/4 sec., F5.6, ISO100, EV -0.3, WB: Multi Auto White Balance

Super wide 21 mm photography with a wide conversion lens

The new wide conversion lens GW-4 (optional) is compatible with the GR III. When attached, the angle of view is changed to an approximate 90-degree view (21 mm equivalent focal length) for super wide-angle shots, enhanced perspectives and a wide angle of view. Shake Reduction is also supported at a focal length of 21mm.

* The focal length is equivalent to the 35 mm format. Lens adapter GA-1 is required to attach wide conversion lens GW-4.

1/100 sec., F2.8, ISO200, EV 1.0, WB: Multi Auto White Balance

Excellent connectivity and reliability

Enhanced smartphone connection via wireless LAN and Bluetooth® compatibility

This model is equipped with wireless LAN. With it, you can connect to a smartphone and use the app to transfer images and control the camera remotely. Bluetooth® v4.2 is also supported for an always-on connection with a smart device. Enjoy more convenient features than ever before, such as automatically transferring recorded images, recording location information acquired with your smartphone, viewing camera images on your smartphone from the camera even when its status is off,etc.

Image transfer and remote capture is easy with [Image Sync]

Images on the camera can be transferred to a smart device using the [Image Sync] app. Using this feature makes it easier to check images and upload them to social media. You can also shoot remotely from your smart device.

* [Image Sync] is available free of charge on the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play™ (for Android™).
* Compatible version will be available soon.

Outdoor View Setting for high visibility and brightness that adapts to your surroundings

This model is equipped with an Outdoor View Setting function that offers optimal

visibility whether in bright outdoor settings or in dark environments. You can expand

the brightness adjustment range of the monitor beyond its normal capabilities and

quickly make selections for a wide range of situations.

What the monitor looks like on a clear day

*The image on the monitor is for illustrative purposes only.

Magnesium alloy body for toughness and durability

You need reliability in a tool that you always have with you. A magnesium alloy body was adopted for its light and tough properties and for its high durability.

Ultrasonic wave cleaning to keep the image sensor dirt free

Optical materials in front of the image sensor are vibrated with ultrasonic waves for powerful dirt and dust removal. This feature prevents dust and other particles from ending up in the image.

2 GB of built-in memory for saving images when you need it most

The camera alone can record approximately 140 images (JPEG: L, 3:2) for times when your memory card is damaged, or when you don't have enough space on the card. Recorded images can be copied to a memory card at once.

* Images on the memory card cannot be copied onto the built-in memory.

Excellent connectivity to external devices with USB Type-C

A USB Type-C external interface is equipped on this model. Not only can you connect the camera to a PC to charge and transfer data, it can also be used to connect the camera to a compatible TV or display for image output.
* Depending on the connecting device, a commercially available USB Type-C -HDMI conversion adapter might be required for connection.

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Product Specifications

Article Number15038
Camera Type

Compact camera with fixed focal lenght



Total Pixels

Approx. 24.79 mega pixels

Effective Pixels

Approx. 24.24 megapixels


JPEG (conforms to Exif 2.3), RAW (DNG)

[3:2] L(24M:6000x4000), M(15M:4800x3200), S(7M:3360x2240), XS(2M:1920x1280)

[1:1] L(16M:4000x4000), M(10M:3200x3200), S(5M:2240x2240), XS(1.6M:1280x1280)


MPEG, 4 AVC/H.264

Full HD (1920×1080, 60p/30p/24p)

Colour Depth

14-bit (RAW)


Sensibility: AUTO-HI (Maximum ISO/Minimum ISO selected),

Manual ISO 100 - 102400


Shake Reduction

Sensor-shift shake reduction (SR) (3-axis: Pitch, Yaw, Roll)

Compensation up to four shutter steps

Sensor Cleaning

Image sensor cleaning using ultrasonic vibrations "DR II"


6 elements in 4 groups (2 aspherical lens elements)

Focal Length

18.3mm, (eqiv. to approx. 28mm in 35mm)

Digital Zoom

Digital Crop for 35 mm and 50 mm (eqiv. to 35 mm)


6 elements in 4 groups (2 aspherical lens elements)

Filter Diameter

18,3 mm (Approx. 28 mm en équivalent 35 mm), f/2,8ï½f/16


Hybrid AF (Image plane phase-matching and Contrast detection)


Auto-area AF, Zone AF, Select AF, Pinpoint AF, Tracking AF, Continuous AF, MF, Snap

Focus Range (automatic)

Standard : approx. 0.1m to infinity

Macro : Approx. 0.06m to 0.12m

Focus Range (manual)

Manual : 0.1mï½∞

AF assist




  • 3.0 inch TFT color LCD (aspect ratio 3:2)
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Air-gapless tempered glass
  • Outdoor View Setting: ±2 Steps
  • Display magnification (4x, 16x)
  • Grid display (4x4 Grid, 3x3 Grid)
  • Histogram, Bright area warning
  • Electronic Level
  • Frame Rate 60Hz
  • Touch Screen - Capacitive sensing method

Approx. 1037K points


Single Image, Multi-image (20, 48 views), Magnification (up to 16x, 100% Display and Quick Zoom available), Histogram (Luminance Histogram, RGB Histogram), Display Grid (3x3 or 4x4 grid), Overexposed Zone Warning, Automatic Image Rotation


Lens Shutter

  • 1/4000 sec. - 30 sec. (Limit by aperture setting F2.8: 1/2500 – 1/4000 sec.)
  • Timed Exposure (10sec. - 20min.)
  • Bulb
  • Time

All shutter speed


Multi-segment, Center-weighted, Spot, Highlight-weighted

Exposure Control

Exposure Modes

Program AE, Aperture Priority AE, Shutter Priority AE, Manual Exposure

Metering Range



Still: +5.0 to -5.0EV in increments of 1/3EV

Movie: ±2EV in increments of 1/3EV

Flash exposure compensation available


Single Frame Shooting, Continuous Shooting, Bracketing, Multi-exposure, Interval Shooting, Interval Composite

  • Interval Shooting: Interval: Min, 1sec. - 60min., Number of shots: 2-99 times, Start Interval: Now/ Set Time
  • Interval Composite: Shooting period: , 10min. - 24hour, Start Interval: Now/Set Time, Save Inerim images: OFF/Unblended/Blended
Face Recognition


White Balance

Auto White Balance, Multi Auto White Balance, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Fl. - Daylight Color, Fl. - Daylight White, Fl. - Cool White, Fl. - Warm White, Tungsten, CTE, Manual White Balance, Color Temperature

Digital Filter


  • Standard
  • Vivid
  • Monotone
  • Soft Monotone
  • Hard Monotone
  • Hi-Contrast B&W
  • Positive Film
  • Bleach Bypass
  • Retro
  • HDR Tone
  • Custom1, Custom2

For control of external flash:

  • Flash On, Flash On+Red-eye, Slow-speed Sync, Slow, Sync+Red-eye Flash
Effective Range

0.2m - 3.0m (ISO AUTO)

Exposure Compensation
  • Exposure Compensation: -2.0 -+1.0

approx. 2GB


SD/SDHC, SDXC memory cards (Conforms to UHS-I standards)

File Format

Still: JPEG (conforms to Exif 2.3), RAW (DNG)

USER MODE Save setting (Max 3 settings can be saved), Rename setting, Recall setting, Delete setting
FOLDER NAME Date (100_1018,101_1019...) or User assigned folder name (Default "RICOH")
FILE NAME "R0******" or User assigned file name File name numbering: Sequential, Reset
CUSTOMIZE CONTROLS M Mode Dial Setting, ADJ Mode Setting, Fn Button Setting, Shutter Release, Button Setting, 4-way Controller Action, Shutter Release Button Confirmation, LCD Touch Operation, Touch AF
CUSTOMIZE DISPLAY Shooting Information Display Setting, Playback Information Display Setting, Instant Review, Zoom Review, Focus Magnification, Grid Guide type, Electronic Level type, Flicker Reduction

English, French, Germany, Spanish, Portuguese, Italy, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Turkey, Greek, Russian, Thai, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese

Kit Content

Rechargeable battery DB-110 - #37838

USB power adapter AC-U2 - #L7628004

Main Specification:AC-U2

Input voltage

AC 100-240 V

Input AC frequency

50-60 Hz

Output voltage

DC 5.0 V

Output current

1000 mA

Output power

5.0 W

Average active efficiency

76.8 %

No-load power consumption

50 mW

Temperature range

0-40°C (32-104°F)

External dimensions
(excluding protrusions)

Approx. 42.5 × 22× 66.5 mm (1.7” ×0.9” × 2.6”)

(excluding power plug)

Approx. 40 g (1.4oz)

USB cable I-USB166 - #37822

Software (CD-Rom)

Hand strap

Hot shoe cover

Ring Cap GN-1 - #37819


Rechargeable battery DB-110 - #37838

Battery charger BJ-11 - #37861

External viewfinder GV-1 - #172780

External mini viewfinder GV-2 - #175090

Adapter and lenshood GA-1 - #37817

Wide conversion lens 21mm GW-4 - #30248

External Flash TTL GF-1 - #170434

Soft case GC-9 - #30249

Soft case GC-10 - #30251

RICOH STRAP ST-2 - #174790

RICOH STRAP GS-3 - #175810

RICOH STRAP GS-2 - #173381


RING CAP GN-1 (BLACK) - #37819

RING CAP GN-1 (DARK GRAY) - #37823

AC ADAPTER KIT K-AC166E - #38371









227g (body only), 257g


Rechargeable DB-110 lithium-ion battery,

Optional AC Adapter available




Capacity Still*: approx. 200 shots

Playback**: Approx. 180 min.

*/** (with rechargeable Lithium-ion battery)

* Recording capacity shows approximate number of shots recorded during CIPAcompliant testing. Actual performance may vary depending on operating conditions.
** According to the result of PENTAX in-house testing


Playback View:

  • Single frame, Multi-image (20, 48 frames),
  • Display magnification (up to 16x, 100% view and Quick Zoom view available),
  • Histogram (Y histogram, RGB histogram),
  • Grid display (3x3 Grid, 4x4 Grid),
  • Bright area warning,
  • Auto Image Rotation,
  • Base Parameter Adjustment: Brightness, Saturation, Hue, Contrast, Sharpness,


RAW Development:

  • Aspect Ratio
  • JPEG Recorded Pixels
  • Color Space
  • White Balance
  • Image Control
  • Peripheral Illumination Correction
  • Sensitivity
  • High-ISO Noise Reduction
  • Shadow Correction


  • Resize
  • Cropping
  • Levels Adjustment
  • White Balance Adjustment
  • Color
  • Moiré Correction
  • MPEG4 AVC/H.264 (MOV)file format        
  • Full HD (1920x1080, 60p/30p/24p)
  • Up to 25 minutes or 4GB; automatically stops recording if the internal temperature of the camera becomes
  • Built-in stereo microphone

Cut and Devide of scenes


Windows 8.1 (32bit/64bit)/ Windows 8 (32bit/64bit)/ Windows 7 (32bit/64bit) / Windows Vista (32bit/64bit)

MacOS X 10.7 or more recent


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  1. Almost perfect
    The GR III has a lot of right things. The camera is compact, relatively well built, feature-rich, and has an excellent image quality, an easy to use menu system, and great Image Control functions. A touch screen, an IBIS system, and a macro mode are important addons and work well. There is, however, still one major feature missing. In many ways, the GR III is designed to use at shoulder or waist level. This means that the camera needs a simple tilt screen. A tilting screen would improve the usability significantly. I encourage also to develop the monitor’s touch operations further. I really enjoy using the Touch AF and the Full Press Snap by LCD functions, but in future, it would be nice if I could also change the aperture, the shutter speed, and user mode with touch operations. The physical controls are very important, but there is still room to develop the touch operations. The Image Control and SOC JPEGs are an essential part of the GR experience. However, it would also be nice if the next version could produce TIFF images (like, for instance, Pentax KP) since I like to process my RAW pictures in the camera before I transfer them wirelessly to Adobe Lightroom Mobile for minor fine tuning. Finally, the dust is still an issue, so it would be nice to have a dust (and moisture) protection.

    Review by

    Posted on

    Great camera to keep always with you. Amazing lens, fast to switch on and off and super responsive screen.
    The only downsides for me are the autofocus, still not as fast as what it should be in 2019 era cameras, and the lack of a tiny flash to add on top of the camera.

    Review by

    Posted on

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