A high-grade, heavy-duty action camera with a 204°ultra-wide-angle lens

The RICOH WG-M2 is a high-specification action camera, within a compact, lightweight body designed to be fully airtight and extremely shock-resistant, this new action camera provides a host of advanced features, including 4K Full HD movie recording using an ultra-wide-angle lens to capture dramatic, lively movie clips.

Along with outstanding performance in demanding scenes — waterproof to a depth of 20 meters, shock-resistant against a fall from a height of two meters, and cold-resistant to temperatures as low as -10°C — it has also become the first RICOH digital camera to feature 4K Full HD movie recording. Coupled with an approximately 204-degree ultra-wide-angle lens, it captures dynamic, high-resolution, high-bit-rate movie clips with an exaggerated perspective. It also comes equipped with a host of new features, including: a vibration function to inform the user of the start and end of a movie recording session by vibrating the camera body; an LCD orientation function* to record movie clips in an upright position regardless of the camera’s orientation (at vertical position or even at upside-down position); seven Image Effect modes to capture movie clips with distinctive visual effects; and an array of movie editing functions such as a still image save mode and a divide movie mode.

With a selection of mount accessories to fix the camera on a variety of objects and surfaces, the RICOH WG-M2 optimizes the freedom of action photography, and allows the user to capture various sports and outdoor activities in unprecedented, eye-catching images. The RICOH WG-M2 sports an extremely durable yet stylish body, and is designed to provide effortless operation even when mounted on such objects as bicycles or motorcycles.

A high-grade heavy-duty action camera with a 204° ultra-wide-angle lens

  • High-resolution 4K/30p movie, 100Mbps high bit rate, Movie Shake Reduction
  • 204° Ultra-wide lens, F2.0 Bright lens, A wide ISO-sensitivity range
  • Built-in 1.5'' LCD screen, LCD orientation function
  • Time lapse, Hi-speed movie, 8 ips Burst Shooting, Effect modes
  • Optimum white balance in underwater shooting, Wind supression mode
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for camera control, transfer and viewing of the photos
  • from your smartphone or tablet 
  • Vibration function informing the movie recording
  • Cold-resistance up to -10°C, Shock-resistant from a 2m fall 
  • 20m underwater performance (up to 2 hours)
  • Compact and light weight body
  • Full range of accessories for outdoor fixtures to fit all situations

204°ultra-wide angle to capture all thrills and excitements around you*

View Angle of General Action Cam (approx 135°)

View Angle of WG-M2 (204°)

Spectacular 4K resolution, with four times more pixels than the Full HD format

The RICOH WG-M2’s 4K format assures astonishingly high-resolution movies at 3840 x 2160 pixels — twice more pixels horizontally and vertically than the Full HD format (1920 x 1080 pixels). It faithfully records breathtaking beauty and thrilling experiences in spectacular, vibrant movies. The WG-M2 also offers Full HD 60p and HD 120p movie formats, allowing you to effortlessly capture beautiful, flawless movies of fast-action sports and lively pets.

High-quality movie recording at the astonishingly high bit rate of 100Mbps*

The WG-M2 records movies at the amazingly high rate of approximately 100 megabits per second. Recording movies at this average bit rate of approximately 100Mbps provides more image data to each frame, allowing you to produce beautiful, exciting and lively works of art.

* When the camera is set in 4K and S-Fine modes, and a micro SDXC (UHS-I Speed Class 3) memory card is used.

Heavy-duty body for underwater shooting without a housing

Despite its compact design, the WG-M2 is shockproof against a fall from two meters, freeze-proof against temperatures down to -10°C, and waterproof to a depth of 20 meters* without a housing. It also provides simplified operation and the recording of crystal-clear stereo sound.

*The underwater lens protector (included) must be mounted on the WG-M2 for underwater shooting.

* Waterproof performance equivalent to IPX8 or JIS Class 8; Dustproof performance equivalent to IP6X or JIS Class 6; Shockproof performance measured under RICOH IMAGING-original testing standards (from a height of two meters, onto a surface of 5cm-thick plywood), conforming to Method 516.5-Shock of the MIL-Standard 810F.

* Regarding the freeze-proof performance, the number of recordable movie files/still images may decrease as the temperature at a shooting location goes down.


◄ Heavy-duty design

Waterproof down to 20 meters without a housing, and shockproof against a fall from two meters



◄ 1.5-inch LCD monitor

For effortless framing and on-the-spot confirmation of recorded movies. User-friendly interface for speedy setting of desired modes.


Stereo microphone ▲

For recording of clear sound, without the muffling caused by a housing. A new wind suppression mode comes in handy during outdoor shooting.

Large control buttons ►

For effortless, unfailing camera operation with a gloved hand.

◄ Underwater lens protector (included)


Vibration function to prevent unfortunate recording errors 

The WG-M2 signals the start and end of movie recording by camera body vibrations, eliminating the worry of missed recording opportunities.

Movie SR function for blur-free recording of active scenes

The WG-M2’s Movie SR (Shake Reduction) function* minimizes camera shake when recording a movie on the move. It allows you to capture sharp, blur-free movies even under demanding, blur-prone conditions.
*This function is available only when the Narrow mode is selected during movie recording.

Crystal-clear sound

Thanks to its heavy-duty, housing-free design and wind suppression mode, the WG-M2 records crystal-clear sound even outdoors. It also records stereo sound to recreate the true-to-life ambience of memorable scenes.

Advanced shooting features made possible by an expert camera manufacturer

New underwater white-balance mode to optimize underwater scenes

The WG-M2’s new underwater white-balance mode faithfully reproduces the clear, vibrant atmosphere of underwater scenes, by eliminating reddish
casts in shallows waters near the surface or bluish and greenish casts in deep waters around the depth of 15 meters.

Standard shooting mode

Underwater shooting mode

±2EV exposure compensation

The WG-M2’s exposure compensation function lets you adjust the exposure to the desired level within a range of ±2EV in 1/2EV steps. It helps you add a distinctive visual expression to your images.





Advanced metering system for unfailing image exposure

The WG-M2 provides the choice of metering systems: multi-segment or spot. When spot metering is selected, the camera’s AE (Auto Exposure)
system is locked at the start of a shooting session to stabilize the exposure level throughout the recording, regardless of the fluctuations in the
illumination level of surrounding areas.

Image Effect modes to add an artistic finish to your movies

The WG-M2 provides a range of creative Image Effect modes, such as Monochrome, Shading, Bleach Bypass, Bold Monochrome, and High Contrast.* Apply the desired visual effect to movie recording for greater flexibility of creative expression.

*Available Image Effect modes may vary according to the selected movie recording mode

[ Bright ] [ Natural ] [ Monochrome ] [ Shading ] [ Bleach Bypass ] [ Bold Monochrome ] [ Hight Contrast ]

Wi-Fi compatible

The WG-M2 is compatible with wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) systems, and can be remotely connected to your smartphone or tablet computer to transfer captured images to your mobile device. 

Exclusive Image Sync application to shoot, view and share movies more effortlessly

By installing this dedicated application* in your smartphone or tablet computer, you can control movie and still-image recording operation from a distance, transfer captured movies/images to your mobile device, play back saved movies/images on the device’s monitor, and even upload favorite movies/images to social networking and other websites.

*Image Sync can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store (for iPhones) or  Play (for Android smartphones).

Other functions

Endless Recoding mode to create extended movie files

This mode automatically creates a series of five-, 10- or 25-minute movie files during extended movie recording, allowing you to document a subject over a very long period of time.*

*The maximum length of a single movie file is 25 minutes or 4GB.

*The length of a single movie file may vary depending on a selected movie format.

Time-lapse mode

This mode links a series of still images captured over a long period of time, and fast-forwards them at 30, 60 or 150 times of normal speed to create dramatic time-lapse movies.

High-Speed Movie mode

This mode records HD-format images at 120 frames per second, then plays them back at 30 frames per second to create a slow-motion movie — ideal for such applications as reviewing your golf swing.

4K 30p 5 minutes
1080/ 60p 10 minutes
1080/ 30p・720/ 60p・720/ 30p 10 minutes or 25 minutes

Effortless hands-free shooting of lively movies and exciting still images

Venture into a totally new world of exciting, vibrant digital imaging!

WG-series accessories

High-speed continuous shooting of still images

While you hold the shutter release button down, the WG-M2 captures as many as 10 images in a single sequence at a speed of eight images per second.

LCD orientation function

This function records a movie file in an upright, horizontal position regardless of the camera’s orientation, allowing you to mount the WG-M2 on any object and at the desired orientation (0°, 90°, 180° or 270°).

*This function may not be usable in certain shooting modes and/or certain settings.

In-body movie editing tools

The WG-M2 provides a host of user-friendly movie editing tools, including a divide movie mode to segment a movie at desired points, and a still image save mode to capture a frame from a movie file and file it as a still image (maximum image size of 4K).

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Product Specifications

Article Number03814 (Silver), 03802 (Orange)
Camera TypeAction camera




Effective Pixels

Approx. 8 megapixels


(4:3) 8M:3264x2448, 5M:2592x1944

(16:9) 6M:3264x1840, 4M:2592x1464

(1:1) 6M:2448x2448

Quality Level: Fixed (Fine)



Full HD(1920x1080:60fps/30fps)


Quality Level: S. Fine / Fine


Still : ISO AUTO /AUTO-Hi /200 /400 /800 /1600 /3200 /6400


Shake Reduction

Motion Blur Reduction: Electronic image stabilization (Movie SR)

Focal Length


Equivalent in 35mm Format: Approx. 14mm


RICOH Lens, 8 elements in 8 groups (6 aspherical elements)


< Still >
Angle of view Wide : Approx. 202°
Angle of view Narrow : Approx. 150°

< Movie >
Angle of view Wide : Approx. 204°
Angle of view Narrow : Approx. 151°


1.5'' LCD


approx. 115,000 dots


1/24000 - 1/4 sec.


Multi-segment, Spot metering

Exposure ControlProgram AE

±2EV (1/2EV steps)


Shooting modes: Still, Underwater Still Image, Burst shooting,

Movie, Underwater Movie, Time-Lapse Movie, Extended Movie Recording, High Speed Movie

Edit Functions: Save as Still Image, Divide Movies, Image Copy

White Balance

Auto, Auto(Outdoor), Manual

Digital Filter

Image Effect Modes: Bright, Natural, Monochrome, Shading, Bleach Bypass, Bold Monochrome, High Contrast


approx. 68MB


microSD/microSDHC/microSDXC Memory Card

File Format

Still: JPEG (conforms to Exif 2.3), conforms to DCF2, PRINT Image Matching III

Movie: MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 (MOV)

Audio: PCM system, Stereo sound


Movie Average:
Bit Rate
< S.Fine >
4K:Approx. 100Mbps
FullHD/60p:Approx. 42Mbps
FullHD/30p:Approx. 22.5Mbps
HD/120p:Approx. 36Mbps
HD/60p:Approx. 22.5Mbps
HD/30p:Approx. 13.5Mbps
< Fine >
4K:Approx. 60Mbps
FullHD/60p:Approx. 28Mbps
FullHD/30p:Approx. 15Mbps
HD/120p:Approx. 24Mbps
HD/60p:Approx. 15Mbps
HD/30p:Approx. 9Mbps

Shooting Settings:
Angle of View (Wide, Narrow), LCD Orientation,(0°,180°,90°,270°), Wind Suppression(On, Off), Vibration(On, Off)

D-Range Settings:
Fixed (Highlight adjustment:On, Shadow adjustment:Off)

Quick View: Fixed (On:1 sec.)

High Speed Continuous Shooting: Approx. 8 fps, up to approx. 10 frames

Charging Time: Approx. 130 min.

Recording Time(1280x720 120fps):
The maximum length is 4 minutes for High Speed Movie.
The maximum length is 25 minutes for Movie.

Start-up Time: Approx. 1.4 sec. (Include 0.5 seconds time for press of the button)

Release Time Lug: 0.002 sec.

Water Proof: 20m  (For 2 hours)
Shock Proof: 2.0m
Freeze Proof: -10℃


English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Turkish, Greek, Russian, Thai, Korean, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)

Kit Content

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Power adapter

USB cable

Lens protector

Underwater lens protector


Li-ion battery D-LI68 39063

RICOH HDMI cable HC-1 W/W 173611

WG flat adehesive mount O-CM1471 37030

WG handle bar mount O-CM1472 37031

WG suction cup mount O-CM1473 37032

WG repair parts 1 O-CM1474 37034

WG repair parts 2 O-CM1475 37035

WG repair parts 3 O-CM1476 37036

WG Flat Adhensive Mount2 O-CM1532 37041

WG Wrist Strap Mount O-CM1533 37042

WG Peg Mount O-CM1534 37043

WG Magnet Mount O-CM1535 37044

WG Helmet Strap Mount O-CM1536 37045

WG Grip Adapter O-MA1531 37046

WG Angle Adapter O-MA1532 37047

Camera Case O-CC163 30242

WG-M2 Skin O-CC1631 30228








Approx. 136g (including battery, microSD memory card, and Lens protector O-LP1631)
Approx. 114g (excluding battery, microSD memory card, and Lens protector O-LP1631)


Rechargeable lithium-ion battery D-LI68


Still : Approx. 450 pictures

Movie recording : Approx. 80 minutes  (4K,Fine Settings)

Playback : Approx. 160 minutes

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