WG Flat adhesive mount O-CM1471


The WG Adhesive Mount gives users a simple and flexible solution to mount their WG-series camera to any flat surface. Perfect for canoes, helmets or any surface that requires a semi-permanent solution, the WG Adhesive mount uses a powerful adhesive tape to secure the camera body to almost any flat surface. And, thanks to the modular ball and socket system used by the WG mounting accessories, one quick and simple turn is all it takes to switch your WG to the Handlebar or Suction Cup mount. *O-CH1470 WG Camera Holder Sold Seperately.

Optional WG holder O-CH1470 is needed for the WG flat adhesive mount O-CM1471.

When combined with the WG series of ruggedized cameras, adventures become hands-free, extending the ability to capture action from new perspectives and vantage points ensuring that the once-in-a-lifetime shot is never missed!

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