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Een medium telelelens met groot diafragma, bestemd voor digitale spiegelreflexcamera's met K-vatting

Voor de ontwikkeling van de nieuwe generatie van de topklasse Star-serie heeft PENTAX een uitgebreide herziening van de interne normen uitgevoerd. Daarbij werden de meest bevredigende prestaties geëist, zelfs voor gebruik met toekomstige digitale spiegelreflexcamera's van PENTAX, die naar verwachting een hogere beeldkwaliteit en betere prestaties zullen leveren dan de huidige modellen. Deze nieuwe lens, die werd ontwikkeld in het streven naar ideale beeldkwaliteit, zorgt voor een superieur beeldvormend vermogen, zonder te zwaar te leunen op de beeldsensor of de beeldprocessor. Met deze lens kan de fotograaf genieten van het hele fotografische proces door het onderwerp in detail en in real time te controleren aan de hand van een scherp, helder beeld dat wordt geproduceerd door de hoogwaardige optische zoeker.




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A large-aperture, medium-telephoto lens for use with K-mount digital SLR cameras

In developing the new generation of the top-of-the-line Star series, PENTAX conducted an extensive review of its in-house standards, demanding the most satisfying performance even for use with future PENTAX digital SLRs, which are expected to deliver higher image quality and better performance than current models. Developed in pursuit of ideal image quality, this new lens delivers superb imaging power, without relying heavily on the image sensor or image processer. It lets the photographer enjoy the entire picture-taking process by checking the subject in detail and in real time via a sharp, clear image produced by its high-grade optical viewfinder.


    In order to assure the exceptional imaging power demanded in the new-generation, high-performance Star series, this new lens incorporates high-grade Super ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass optical elements and an aspherical optical element to compensate various aberrations to a minimum — in particular, to effectively minimize axial chromatic aberration to prevent the generation of purple fringing in backlit situations. It also reduces distortion — a serious concern in portrait photography — to nearly zero at a focusing distance of four meters. In addition, PENTAX has developed a new ring-type SDM exclusively for this new lens to realize flawless, high-speed autofocus operation, while adopting an exterior design providing a firm grip to facilitate manual-focus operation. This new lens is designed not only to assure the highest imaging power currently possible, but also to optimize the joy of picture-taking. 
    *Please apply the latest updater of Digital Camera Utility 5 when you handle images taken by this lens on Digital Camera Utility 5. In case the software version is old, the name of this lens can not be displayed correctly. Digital Utility 4 and below can not display the name of this lens correctly.
    *Contrast detection AF during live view may not be in focused with the K-S1.

    New-generation, high-performance Star-series lens to deliver ideal image quality

    Anticipating the further advancement of SLR camera bodies in the future, PENTAX has designed this lens to deliver extra-clear, high-contrast images with edge-to-edge sharpness by compensating various aberrations to a minimum, while greatly enhancing resolving power — two factors absolutely essential in the next-generation Star series. It provides exceptionally high imaging performance even at open aperture, a beautiful bokeh (defocus) effect and outstanding image rendition at close ranges — all reasons why it produces high-quality, well-defined images. It also boasts an extra-large F1.4 maximum aperture, useful with many different subjects in a range of applications, including portraiture with an effectively defocused background, handheld shooting of indoor scenes and scenic photography. It helps the camera to produce a bright, clear viewfinder image that will inspire the photographer’s creativity and imagination.

    State-of-the-art optical technology

    This lens incorporates three Super ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass optical elements to effectively minimize chromatic aberration, and a glass-molded aspherical optical element to effectively compensate for spherical and comatic aberrations and field curvature to deliver extra-clear, high-contrast images with edge-to-edge sharpness, even at open aperture. It also reduces distortion to nearly zero at a focusing distance of four meters to deliver well-defined, distortion-free images over the entire focusing range, from the minimum focusing distance to infinity. This lens is also treated with high-grade, multi-layer HD* Coating, which reduces average reflectance in the visible ray spectrum to less than 50% of conventional multi-layer coatings, effectively reducing flare and ghost images to a minimum even in demanding lighting conditions such as backlighting.
    * HD is the abbreviation of High Definition. 


    Exclusively designed, large ring-type SDM

    In order to deliver the highest image quality possible over the entire focusing range — from the minimum focusing distance to infinity — this lens features an exclusively designed, large ring-type SDM to efficiently drive the focusing mechanism, which consists of a larger number of optical elements than ordinary lenses, and is required to shift heavy rear-optical-element groups in unison. Generating a torque approximately 1.3 times that of the unit installed in the HD PENTAX-D FA★ 50mm F1.4 SDM AW, this new SDM assures flawless, high-speed autofocus operation.

    Electromagnetic diaphragm control, to provide high-precision exposure control during video shooting

    Technical Specifications

    Focal length (Equivalent 
    to 35mm Format)

     85mm Equivalent to 130mm in 35mm format (when attached to PENTAX APS-C
    size DSLR Cameras)

    Maximum Aperture


    Minimum Aperture


    Lens Construction

    12 Elements in 10 Groups

    Angle of View (Diagonal)

    28.5 degrees (when attached to PENTAX 35mm full-frame SLR Cameras)

    19° (when attached to PENTAX APS-C size DSLR cameras)



    Minimum Focusing Distance

    0.85m (2.8ft.)

    Maximum Magnification


    Filter Diameter


    Diaphragm Control

    Electromagnetic diaphragm
    Fully automatic

    Number of Diaphragm



    Rounded diaphragm (85mm:F1.4-2.8)

    Aperture Ring


    Tripod Mount


    Lens Hood

    PH-RBG82 (included)

    Lens Cap

    O-LC82 (included)

    Maximum diameter x length

    approx. 95mm x 123.5mm (approx 3.7in x 4.9 inch)


    approx 1255g / with hood approx 1355g

    (approx 44.3oz / with hood approx 47.8 oz)


    minus 10 degrees celcius - 40 degrees celcius (14 degrees farenheit - 104 degrees



    85% or less (no condensation)

    Included Accessories

    Lens Hood PH-RBG82, Lens Cap O-LC82, Lens Mount Cap K,

    Lens Case S130-160


    AW (All Weather Resistant)

    Quick-Shift Focus System (QFS/M)

    SDM (Ultrasonic Motor)

    HD Coating

    Sp (Super Protect) Coating

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    Artikelcode22890 (Zwart), 23350 (Zilver)
    Focal length equivalent to 35 mm format


    Maximum aperture


    Minimum aperture


    Number of Diaphragm Blades


    Rounded diaphragm (F1.4-F2.8)

    Diaphragm Control: Fully automatic

    Angle of View

    34.5-11.8° (when attached to PENTAX 35mm SLR cameras)

    23-7.7° (when attached to PENTAX APS-C size digital SLR cameras)



    12 elements in 10 groups

    Smallest object distance/magnification




    Filter size

    Diameter: 82mm




    Approx. 1.255g

    With hood Approx. 1.355g

    Dimensions (Length x Diameter)

    Approx. 123,5mm x 95mm

    Kit Content

    Lens Hood PH-RBG82

    Lens Cap O-LC82

    Lens Mount Cap K

    Lens Case S130-160

    Special Features

    HD Coating

    SP (Super Protect) Coating

    All Weather Resistant (8 sealing)

    Quick-shift Focus System

    SDM (Ultrasonic Motor)

    Optional Accessories

    Lens Case: HS100-200 Art. No. 37752


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