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His project: ›Sky and Sea‹

Like moths to the light, photographers are often attracted to the 'different'. This can be exotic countries, social abysses, unusual achievements, but also something that you don't exactly have in close range. For me, as a North German, it is rather obvious, but for the Swiss Remo Neuhaus, the simple strangeness is simply a coastal landscape and the sea - because this does not exist in this mountain state. However, Remo's love for the sea is quite old: He has been pursuing kiting and surfing as a passionate holiday activity for 30 years and therefore has - like many sportsmen in these disciplines - an almost philosophical, spiritual connection to waves, the ocean and the coast. And this passion combined with his passion for photography finally allowed him to follow his passion in 2019 by taking a three-month break.

Remo Neuhaus set out to travel the European Atlantic coast from the southernmost mainland port of Tarifa to the Lofoten Islands. Of course he squeezed himself into the neoprene again and again to surf and - of course - he made an extensive artistic photo reportage at the same time. In this series, portraits, surfer pictures and wide, poetic landscape shots alternate. And the landscapes in particular create a clear contrast to his daily work: hours of waiting for the right light, long exposure times and concentrated tripod photography instead of hours of studio set-ups and flashlight storms. And the content levels of this work also form a contrast. No judging whether the composition will look good in the magazine, no weighing up the customer's taste. And of course no time pressure ... apart from the fact that three months will pass at some point. But this time was freedom and the combination of two passions: surfing and photography ... and that's what you can find in this series: The love for people, the relaxation of wide landscapes, the enthusiasm to follow a simple line independently: The Atlantic coast of continental Europe ... this is also where the successful work of the photographer Remo Neuhaus is shown. Passionate productivity, letting oneself drift and following inner voices, but always having goals in mind that are presentable. And in the case of this series, that was an exhibition in Bern, which - accompanied by various artistic and culinary supporting programmes - could be experienced for a month.

The question about his equipment, which I always ask in connection with my project interview, is answered by the Swiss professional for his typically spirited manner: "The Pentax 645Z is the best camera on earth for me! The size has never bothered me before and the data coming out of this camera is simply breathtaking! I use the Pentax 645Z for portraits and landscapes. I had a big exhibition in Bern last November / December. I sold pictures in the size of 1,6 meters. You can really see the difference. The attention to detail is just great."


Remo Neuhaus Kit

He is using following gear: Pentax 645Z smc D-FA 645 55mm F2.8 HD D-FA 645 90mm F2.8 ED AW SR HD PENTAX-DA 645 28-45mm F4.5 ED AW SR