PENTAX Film Duplicator (with Mount Holder 24x36)


PENTAX Film Duplicator is a product with which you can make a digital copy of 35mm format (24x36mm) to 6x9 format film by using your already owned digital SLR camera and flash.

The kit includes a 35mm format slide mount holder. 
Other format slide mount holder and sleeve holder are sold as optional accessories.


Compatible camera:

Digital SLR camera with interchangeable lens (High resolution camera recommended)
Recommended camera: K-3, 645Z etc.
*When distance from camera bottom surface to optical axis is more than 95mm cannot be used.

Compatible lens:

With high resolution close-up lens (macro lens recommended)

Recommended lens:

With K-3

HD PENTAX-DA 35mm F2.8 Macro Limited
smc PENTAX-D FA Macro 50mm F2.8
smc PENTAX- D FA Macro 100mm F2.8 WR etc

With 645Z

smc PENTAX-FA645 Macro 120mm F4

*Lens which diameter is over 90mm cannot be used.

Compatible Lighting:

Recommended model:


Bellows maximum length : approx. 328mm
Maximum length during usage: approx. 900mm
Dimensions: approx. 530mm (length) x 165mm (width) x 230mm (hight)
Weight: approx 2,200g

Attached accessory: Mount holder 35mm (For 35mm slide mount)

Optional Accessories:

Mount holder 645/66 (645 format, 66 format compatible with slide mount)
Mount holder 67/69 (67 format, 69 format compatible with slide mount)
Sleeve base mount (Used to insert the sleeve holder to original film mounting position)
Sleeve holder 35mm (for 35mm format sleeve)
Sleeve holder 645 (for 645 format sleeve)

How to use

1. Mount the camera

Set the camera to the camera mounting stage and lock it with a screw. When you set the camera, be careful to adjust the optical axis of lens to come to the center of the lens mount position placed on bellows back board.
*After adjusting the height of the camera, screw the camera height adjustment tightly.

2. Connect the camera and flash with the cable

By connecting the PENTAX DSLR and AF540FGZII, we will use hot shoe adapter FG, hot shoe adapter F and exten-sion cord F5P. For connection, please see the operating manual of camera and flash.
*When you are using wireless compatible camera and flash, you are not necessary to use the cord but please confirm that flash is under control before using.
*When you are using camera built-in flash for wireless control, please be aware the light will not come around the bel-lows.

3. Mount the flash

Set the flash on the accessory shoe of the mounting stage after the flash connection with the camera is confirmed. Please adjust the center of the flash light to come to the center of the flash light diffusion board by using the flash height adjust-ment.

4. Set the original film on the mount holder and insert to the film duplicator

Using slide mount:
Insert the mount holder from the upper part of original film mounting position
Using sleeve mount:
Place the original film which is set to the sleeve holder to sleeve mount. Set the
sleeve holder from the side part of original film mounting position..

5. Adjust the position of bellows front board and bellows back board

To decide the size, adjust the length of the bellows. To adjust the length of the bellows, adjust the position of bellows front board and bellows back board. When you adjust, continuously in-focus to come up with the appropriate position.
*After the adjustment of bellows front and back board is done, please screw it tight to fix the position.
*You can fix the either side of the bellows.


Confirm the power of flash, adjust focus and shoot.

*As it becomes close up copy shooting, we recommend you will use a shooting mode which you can manually change the aper-ture. We also recommend you to close 2-steps from open aperture as it is generally said there is an advantage in resolution per-formance.

*We recommend you to use the flash mode which you can change at camera side, such as P-TTL flash mode

*Depending on the image of your original film, exposure might not match. Use exposure compensation or bracket shooting mode to adjust the exposure.

*To compensate the color of the image, use a image editing software.

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