Lightweight, small and portable

Weighing only 195 grams, these feather-light binoculars are ideal for casual use. Yet despite their diminutive size, the PENTAX 8x22 Jupiter III+ still comes standard with premium PENTAX features. High-quality BaK4 prisms and multi-coating on the built-in lenses maximize light transmission and brightness while reducing internal reflections. Fold-down rubber eyecups for viewing comfort. Whether attending a sporting event, traveling, or hiking, the PENTAX 8x22 Jupiter III+ binocular provides great optics at an affordable price.



The first number in the product name indicates the magnification. For model Jupiter III+ 8x22, this is the 8x, and means that you see with this binocular an object 8x larger than with the naked eye. In general: the higher the magnification the smaller the field of view. For vierwing over a long period, the recommendation is generally a maximum magnification of 10x. Larger magnifications make it more dificult to keep the binoculars still and prevent image shake whilst viewing.


Objective diameter

Diameter of the front lens of the binoculars. In our example model Jupiter III+, this is the second number in the product name on the lens and is in mm. In this case 22mm. The larger the objective lens is, the more light into the binoculars, especially important if binoculars or a spotting scope are to be used in low lighth. However, large lens diameters increase the weight, size and construction cost.


Exit pupil

The exit pupil is the small bright area that is seen in the eyepiece of the binoculars. It should be circular and is measured in mm. (Note: If this shape appears hexagonal rather than round, this is an indication that an inferior prism was used.) Calcuinlagt the size of the exit pupil is found by dividing the objective diameter by the magnification value. For model Jupiter III+, this results in an exit pupil of 2.75 mm. IMPORTANT: For comfortable use, binoculars should align both the size of the exit pupil and the pupil size of the user as closely as possible. The pupil diameter of the human eye changes with age.


Product Specifications

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