K-5IIs (body only)

The renowned PENTAX K-5 has been reborn, with its potential as an advanced outdoor camera while retaining its exceptional imaging power. Its low-noise, rich-gradation image processing achieves a top sensitivity of ISO 51200. The new SAFOX X AF module assures unfailing, high-speed autofocus operation for pinpoint focus on the subject, even in near-total darkness. Its remarkable focusing accuracy delivers sharp, crisp images of fast moving subjects, time after time. The PENTAX K-5 IIs is an Anti-aliasing filter-less variant of the camera. The K-5 IIs is perfect for photographers who prioritize the image resolution over all other factors. An anti-aliasing filter installed in front of the image sensor can effectively suppress false colour and moiré, but it often obscures the subject’s outlines. The K-5 IIs without anti-aliasing filter optimizes image quality, by placing the priority on image resolution over all other factors. This exclusive model brings out the full potential of the image sensor’s resolving power to deliver exceptionally sharp, fine-detailed images

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