smc FA 645 45mm F2.8


This wide-angle lens features super multi coating (SMC) and an equivalent focal length of 36mm, in the 35mm format. SMC is standard for all PENTAX lenses and describes seven microscopically thin layers of high quality coatings that are applied to the lens elements to reduce reflectance and increase transmittance. It significantly increases the amount of light transmitted by the lens. Compatible with both film and digital PENTAX 645 cameras.

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Product Specifications

Article Number26335
Angle of View76°
Construction9 Elemente in
8 Gruppen
Focusing Range45 cm bis unendlich
Smallest object distance/magnificationca. 276 x 373 mm
Magnificationca. 1:6,6 (0,15x)
Filter sizeE67
MountPentax 645AF - kompatibel zu 645
Weight475 g
Dimensions (Length x Diameter)66,5 x 76,5 mm
Kit ContentFrontdeckel
(Art. Nr. 31653)
(Art. Nr. 38492)
Gegenlichtblende PH-RBC67
(Art. Nr. 38724)
Softbag S90-100
(Art. 37725)
  • Die Gegenlichtblende verfügt über eine Aussparung, damit Effekt- oder Polfilter trotz Benutzung der Blende leicht bedient werden können.
  • Schnellumschalter zwischen AF und Manuell
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